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    [20:46] * @Al`dez`an ( Quit
    [20:47] * Hector quirks a brow
    [20:47] <Hector> That leaves the youngest behind.
    [20:48] <Harper> I don't know what to do about that. Sharon isn't
    their mother and doesn't want to be. Can they find families here?
    [20:49] <Harper> Or make one together? Should we take them anyways? I
    just don't know.
    [20:50] <Hector> Not every leader wants to be.
    [20:50] <Harper> Wants to be what?
    [20:50] <Hector> Wants to be a leader.
    [20:52] <Harper> So explain to me what you mean by that because I'm not sure.
    [20:52] <Hector> I feel that seperating Sharon and Adam from the
    younger kids is a mistake. None of them have discipline or the
    knowledge of how to handle themselves in a civil society. Staying
    here, in a group is the best thing for them. It'll give them
    discipline, comaraderie and a sense of belonging when they all help to
    build this community. Breaking them apart for a childs wants, is going
    to, well I
    [20:52] <Hector> don't claim to know the future. Its just my opinion.
    [20:55] <Harper> Sharon has parents. I'm not going to deny her her
    family when I fought so hard to find my own.
    [20:55] <Harper> I'm willing to take them all. But I'm not willing to
    leave them here.
    [20:57] <Harper> Just because they are older doesn't mean that Sharon
    and Adam should be forced to be parents to the younger ones. It's
    frustrating. I didn't invent this situation. There's only answers that
    hurt folks but that's because they were taken from their families.
    That was not my doing.
    [20:59] * Hector nods
    [20:59] <Hector> I'll come up with another plan.
    [21:00] <Harper> It's not that your plan was a bad one. But sometimes
    folks have their own needs that get in the way of the best plans.
    [21:01] <Harper> Giving them a sense of family and people to care for
    will help keep those wild powers in check.
    [21:01] <Harper> If they don't care for anyone they might follow the
    rules... least while it suits them, but they won't care to make sure
    not to hurt anyone.
    [21:02] <Harper> They're mighty powerful folk without the experience
    to know how to handle that power. Even now, Shi thinks it's a hammer
    and not a chisel.
    [21:04] <Hector> We could likely debate on the merits of Shi for quite
    some time.
    [21:04] <Harper> He has some merits. But I recognize he has some
    faults as well. He is what he is.
    [21:05] <Hector> I'm of the opinion that returning them to a family
    that may or may not want them is for the worse, but I'm not going to
    question your decision, its been made. I'll just arrange for the
    younger children to have a mentor or the like. Get them educated and
    introduced to society.
    [21:07] <Harper> I think Sharon's family wants her back. She took the
    same test I did. Same test Kara did.
    [21:08] <Harper> My parents didn't know they were sending Kara off to
    a hateful place. They thought she was going to a fancy school because
    she was smart.
    [21:12] * Hector nods
    [21:13] <Hector> I'm more than willing to believe that they will have
    a chance. I suppose I'm just too much of a realist.
    [21:13] <Hector> I hope that your right Harper.
    [21:13] <Harper> Shi's parents might even have been upseet at the
    damage done to him. I know Cheng as.
    [21:13] <Hector> It's certainly possible.
    [21:15] <Harper> I don't want you thinking I'm a terrible person
    because I understand the need for a family.
    [21:17] * Hector quirks a brow
    [21:18] <Hector> Are you really concerned with what I think?
    [21:18] <Harper> Well yes. Why wouldn't I be?
    [21:18] <Hector> Just a wonder I suppose.
    [21:19] <Harper> How do you mean that Mr. Hector?
    [21:20] <Hector> I took you for a woman that did what she thought was
    right regardless of how others felt. Not that your entirely near
    sighted to other situations just that you make decisions on what seems
    right, right now.
    [21:21] <Harper> I might be a little guilty of doing that.
    [21:22] * Hector nods
    [21:22] <Hector> You might.
    [21:22] <Harper> Following your heart might not always be the smart
    thing to do but you sleep a bit easier than if you know you are doing
    the wrong thing because it's easier. Expedient like.
    [21:23] <Hector> Did I somehow convince you that my plan was easier
    and more expedient?
    [21:24] <Harper> Your plan is easier. Leaves our hands all but out of
    it. Leave these children here to fend for themselves and each other
    and we go on with our lives, forgettin' them soon enough.
    [21:25] <Hector> Perhaps you have the wrong idea about me then.
    [21:25] <Harper> You're not wrong about learning about community. I
    understand that perspective. Still doesn't mean it's going to turn
    those children into loving people if they grow up without love.
    [21:26] <Harper> It will give them a backbone sure. But empathy? Well
    Shi lacks much of that and it's like to be his downfall.
    [21:27] <Harper> Ruthie is what? Four? Five?
    [21:27] <Hector> About ten.
    [21:27] <Harper> Is hard labor really best for her? I'm not sure she
    knows right from wrong.
    [21:28] <Hector> She isn't just a child.
    [21:30] <Harper> Well she's mostly one.
    [21:30] <Hector> A child with advanced aptitudes would receive special
    instruction and training right?
    [21:30] <Harper> One with more power than she knows what to do with I
    reckon. I swear, this is such a pickle.
    [21:31] <Hector> Your the captain. Its never a pickle.
    [21:33] <Harper> What kind of training will she get her. Mrs Peele
    seems decent enough. But I'm not so sure about how much training she
    can give.
    [21:34] <Hector> She needs to be trained in HOW to be a child who
    lives with other children and other people.
    [21:34] <Hector> She needs to learn and be nurtured that there is good
    and bad in the world and she needs to learn to make choices.
    [21:34] <Harper> That I will allow.
    [21:35] <Hector> I've already set in motion a plan to train them in
    the use of their powers, its their humanity that I'm concerned about.
    [21:35] <Harper> Me too Mr. Hector, me too.
    [21:35] <Harper> I want them to be able to have good lives.
    [21:35] <Hector> A good life is a choice for them to make.
    [21:36] <Harper> I'm not opposed to leaving those three here but I'm
    not going to force Sharon to stay when she has parents that likely
    have no idea what's become of her and would want to kow.
    [21:36] <Hector> See? Not a pickle.
    [21:38] <Harper> Oh, it's still a pickle but maybe not such a sour
    one. Should we go get a drink?
    [21:38] <Hector> It's my pleasure to share a drink with you.
    [21:42] * Harper takes his arm and heads off to the bar with Hector so
    that they can relax a bit and perhaps plan with the imput of Quinn.
    [21:42] * Hector follows along

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