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    Session Start: Mon Aug 13 23:48:26 2012
    Session Ident: #fascination
    03[23:48] * Now talking in #fascination
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    06[23:56] * @Harper comes back to the ship after having a drink with
    Hector and Quinn. She seems to be putting on a happy face but her
    manner betrays a bit of tension. When she gets on board she hollars
    out 1Shi! Are you busy?
    06[23:57] * Hector finds a place to lounge and heads for the mess
    where the comfy chairs are.
    06[23:57] * Shi_Sying is beating the living crap out of the punching
    bag in the hangar
    06[23:57] * Shi_Sying looks up at the sound of her voice
    [23:58] <Shi_Sying> not overly busy
    06[23:58] * QuinnBlackstone gets herself some tea and crisps, setting
    up the pot and some cups for just in cases.
    01[23:58] <@Harper> Picturing my face on that thing?
    [23:58] <Shi_Sying> Not yours
    06[23:59] * Hector sneaks a crisp
    06[23:59] * Shi_Sying takes a step back from the bag and straightens his vest
    Session Time: Tue Aug 14 00:00:00 2012
    06[00:00] * QuinnBlackstone shakes out a plate of crisps, and pushes
    the bag out for the others.
    06[00:01] * Shi_Sying heads to the Mess and checks the teapot, seeing
    that the tea is fresh he cleans out a cup and pours himself a cup
    before wiping any dust off his chair and sitting down
    06[00:02] * Shi_Sying still looks tense and the room gets quite warm
    06[00:02] * QuinnBlackstone glances at Shi "We're gonna have to get
    more air conditionin' in here.
    [00:03] <Hector> Less warmth would be nice.
    06[00:03] * Shi_Sying looks at them blankly
    [00:03] <Shi_Sying> Is there a problem with the thermostat?
    [00:03] <Hector> Is that a new nick name for you?
    06[00:04] * Shi_Sying 's eyes narrow and it gets warmer
    06[00:04] * @Harper moves behind Shi and stands behind him, rubbing
    his shoulders with her palms. 1Are you okay Shi?
    06[00:05] * QuinnBlackstone props her chin on a hand "Shi, you're awful warm.'
    [00:05] <Shi_Sying> I'm fine
    01[00:05] <@Harper> You feel kind of hot.
    [00:05] <Hector> If by fine you mean manifesting a new power thats
    become evident since you stepped onto my ship back on the space
    station, then sure.
    [00:06] <Shi_Sying> I'm just a Reader, I don't know what you're all
    going on about
    06[00:06] * Hector sighs
    [00:06] <QuinnBlackstone> I'm not someone who happens to go by flights
    of fancy. Believe me, you're blowin' off heat like you're a furnace.
    01[00:06] <@Harper> Everything around you... it just seems warm. But
    that's not what I wanted to talk about.
    [00:07] <Shi_Sying> what did you want to talk about?
    01[00:09] <@Harper> Sharon and Adam want to come with us when we
    leave. I said that hey could. Sharon wants to find her parents. I
    doubt that they know what happened to her. Her story seems much like
    Kara's but with a better ending.
    06[00:09] * QuinnBlackstone sips her tea.
    [00:09] <Shi_Sying> I have no problem with that, I'd rather them be in
    civilized company than with those barbarians
    01[00:09] <@Harper> The little ones...well I don't know where to
    start to look for their families and I'm not sure that they do either.
    [00:09] <Shi_Sying> leaving the other children there on that planet
    turns my stomach
    01[00:11] <@Harper> Mr. Hector thinks the should stay. I just don't
    know. There aren't any easy answers. If we don't find a place for
    them, they could be here for...well years.
    [00:12] <Shi_Sying> and become no better than these backberth inbred fools
    01[00:12] <@Harper> But I can definitely say that Sharon does not
    want to stay and I'm not going to force her to mother them any longer
    when she's really a child herself.
    06[00:12] * Hector chuckles
    06[00:13] * @Harper turns to look directly at Hector when he laughs.
    1That means something doesn't it?
    06[00:15] * QuinnBlackstone sips her tea.
    [00:15] <Hector> I was amused by Shi's comment.
    [00:15] <Shi_Sying> its true
    01[00:16] <@Harper> What do you think Quinn?
    06[00:16] * QuinnBlackstone looks at Harper, her eyebrows lifting a
    bit "A number of things."
    [00:16] <Shi_Sying> I have no problem with them expecting the children
    to work, that makes sense out in this.... wasteland
    [00:16] <Shi_Sying> but to beat them?
    [00:16] <Shi_Sying> that's barbaric!
    [00:18] <QuinnBlackstone> I think Shi's a bit of a snob. An' I think
    Missus Peele is a nice woman, but those kids might be a bit much for
    anyone. I *don't* think little children need to be thrown about from
    strange situation to another, and I still think it doesn't take a
    "backwater" place to breed people who fear and mistreat readers.
    06[00:19] * QuinnBlackstone sips her tea again "Moreover, I don't
    think a swat on the butt every now and again is altogether
    [00:19] <QuinnBlackstone> Some of us didn't get enough of those, seems.
    [00:19] <Shi_Sying> My parents enforced strict discipline if you're
    implying that I was spoiled
    [00:19] <QuinnBlackstone> Your manners are appallin' and you treat
    people like shit.
    [00:20] <QuinnBlackstone> I was embarrassed to see you talkin' that way.
    [00:20] <Shi_Sying> and my concern is that if these people try to
    enforce physical discipline on children who have been physically and
    emotionally abused, they will strike out
    [00:21] <Shi_Sying> A strong Reader can destroy someones brain
    06[00:21] * QuinnBlackstone looks at Harper "Truth be told, I have no
    idea what to do with those little ones. There's a point where they
    just may not be equipped to handle normal situations."
    [00:21] <Shi_Sying> If there's another wild card with them like Adam,
    there could be even more damage
    [00:21] <Shi_Sying> that's what is worrying me
    [00:21] <Shi_Sying> and I was saying those things Quinn because the
    man being paid to take them was planning on treating them like wild
    [00:22] <Hector> Planning.
    [00:22] <Shi_Sying> yes, and you were so kindly paying him for his troubles
    [00:22] <Hector> Things can change, with the way you handle yourself
    it seems like you'd be happy to execute people for thoughts.
    [00:23] <Shi_Sying> I wont see more Readers treated like lab rats or monsters
    [00:23] <Hector> You could read their minds and then ostracize them,
    single them out and make a spectacle of them and yourself, or you can
    offer them better options to encourage better choices.
    06[00:23] * QuinnBlackstone stares at Shi "You were sayin' snobby
    things when we showed up to the planet."
    [00:24] <Shi_Sying> You were already handing him the credits. I had to stop it
    [00:24] <QuinnBlackstone> It didn't take readers to bring it out in
    you, your upset just made it worse. Either way.. I can't say as I
    know which way I'm leanin'.
    [00:24] <Hector> With regard to the children, however, I've already
    secured a tutor for their education and I'm looking to find someone
    that can hone their skills.
    [00:24] <Shi_Sying> those kids were about to be shipped off to live like animals
    01[00:25] <@Harper> I don't think he's actually planning to execute
    anyone Mr. Hector. But I'll allow he was being a bit snobby. It was
    making me uncomfortable Shi. Not being from the Core doesn't make you
    a worthless dirty hooligan.
    [00:25] <Shi_Sying> Not being from the core doesn't, but this place is
    a backwater
    [00:25] <Hector> The plan at this time is to bring in the
    disenfranchised mercs, and fleeing townspeople from the planet that is
    under siege by the alliance and bring them here, bolster their skills
    and trades and then work to have them create a real society.
    [00:26] <Shi_Sying> And what protections do you offer to those kids?
    Jimmy seemed rather surprised that he was suddenly going to be
    checking in on them regularely
    [00:26] <Shi_Sying> And if you happen to know where other Readers are,
    I'd love to know
    [00:27] <Hector> Room, board, a legal system that includes them,
    training, education and the option to excel in a chosen trade.
    [00:27] <Hector> From there, the choice is theirs.
    [00:27] <Shi_Sying> until word gets out about their abilities
    [00:27] <Shi_Sying> then people will come to try to use them as weapons
    [00:28] <Hector> You realize that your attitudes towards and about
    readers are what helps to single them and yourself out, right?
    [00:28] <Shi_Sying> YOu know what they did to us Hector
    06[00:28] * Shi_Sying practically hisses
    [00:28] <Hector> Yes. I do.
    [00:29] <Shi_Sying> Have you ever looked into the eyes of the ones
    they lobotomized?
    [00:29] <Shi_Sying> into their minds?
    [00:29] <Hector> I'm afraid I'm not a reader.
    [00:29] <Hector> But as I said, everyone needs the right stimulus to
    make new choices.
    [00:30] <Shi_Sying> Or the thousands of scientists and government
    officials who felt that it was better if we were all rendered "safe"
    and "useful" for society by being turned into tools?
    [00:30] <Shi_Sying> And that is why I stepped in
    [00:30] <Hector> Who made those programs?
    [00:30] <Shi_Sying> What sort of "right stimulous" was that brute
    going to give them?
    [00:31] <Shi_Sying> You know who made them, you had the files
    [00:31] <Hector> I'm asking you to say it.
    [00:31] <Shi_Sying> 6 its getting very hot around Shi
    06[00:32] * QuinnBlackstone tosses a sprinkle of water on Shi's arm
    to see if it sizzles.
    [00:32] <Shi_Sying> I know fully well who made those programs and who
    supported them
    [00:32] <QuinnBlackstone> (Cool water, not hot. haha)
    [00:32] <Shi_Sying> 6 it doesn't, but the tea in his cup is starting to bubble
    [00:32] <QuinnBlackstone> Hey Shi. Look at your tea.
    06[00:32] * QuinnBlackstone points.
    [00:32] <Hector> But you'd happily put those children in alliance
    territory and think them better for it, right? Because alliance space
    isn't as brutish or backwater as this place.
    [00:33] <Shi_Sying> Did I even ONCE say to get them to the Core?
    [00:33] <Shi_Sying> did I imply it?
    [00:33] <Shi_Sying> No
    [00:33] <Shi_Sying> I know better than you what the Alliance will do to them
    [00:33] <Hector> You do it every day.
    [00:33] <Shi_Sying> Just because I believe in the Cores ideals doesn't
    mean that I would hand those children over to them
    06[00:34] * QuinnBlackstone looks at Harper "This is devolving."
    [00:34] <Shi_Sying> I just wanted those children to have the chances
    they deserved
    [00:34] <Hector> I was giving them that.
    [00:34] <Shi_Sying> to NOT have to live with people who saw them as monsters
    [00:34] <Shi_Sying> YOu were paying that man to take them
    01[00:35] <@Harper> I really want to return them to their parents.
    However, Adam doesn't have parents. He just wants to be with Sharon.
    [00:35] <Shi_Sying> And then you get furious with me because I have an
    issue with that
    [00:35] <Hector> Harper if your truly set on getting them to their
    parents then I'll find them.
    [00:35] <Shi_Sying> I agree with Harper, if Sharon wants to return to
    her family then we'll do it, but she should be aware of the dangers of
    doing this
    [00:36] <Shi_Sying> People know about the Readers now
    01[00:36] <@Harper> I really want to return them to their parents.
    However, Adam doesn't have parents. He just wants to be with Sharon.
    [00:36] <Shi_Sying> that means that every power hungry criminal and
    politician is going to be looking for any surviving ones
    [00:36] <Hector> I get irritated Shi, because your a blinded fool and
    can't see more than five minutes in front of you, you also don't
    listen and make snap decisions, its like you don't have cognitive
    ability beyond embracing your Id.
    01[00:36] <@Harper> (oops) Do you think her parents will reject her?
    [00:37] <Hector> That depends on who her parents are.
    06[00:37] * Shi_Sying 's cup is now nicely boiling
    06[00:38] * QuinnBlackstone stares at the boiling cup, her eyebrow arching.
    [00:38] <Shi_Sying> Just because I dont agree with you doesn't mean
    that I'm blind
    [00:38] <Shi_Sying> My world is different than yours
    [00:38] <Hector> Your world is crumbling and you can't see it.
    01[00:39] <@Harper> I reckon I get it. You two don't much care for
    the other. However, we're trying to worry on the fate of these
    children. Not fight amongst ourselves.
    06[00:40] * Hector looks to Harper.
    [00:40] <Hector> Do you want the parents found?
    01[00:41] <@Harper> Yes. Of couse I do. She wants to be with them.
    Losing Kara destroyed my own parents. I wouldn't wish that on anyone.
    It was awful. Heartbreaking.
    [00:41] <Hector> I didn't mean for Sharon
    [00:41] <Hector> I meant the little ones
    01[00:43] <@Harper> It would likely be best for them if we could but
    I don't even know where to start. They were taken as little things.
    06[00:44] * Shi_Sying stands up and stalks out, the heat around him
    growing more intense, the liquid in his cup has boiled away and the
    edges of the cup are charred.
    [00:45] <QuinnBlackstone> Damn, humped that little teacup up but good.
    01[00:45] <@Harper> Ane we're no closer to a solution.
    01[00:45] <@Harper> This is a muddly mess.
    [00:47] <Hector> Solutions take time Harper.
    [00:47] <Hector> I'll start looking for the parents of each child.
    01[00:47] <@Harper> Right enough I suppose. It looks like Adam doesnt
    have parents. He was taken from an orphanage.
    01[00:48] <@Harper> He remembers pretty clearly. Sharon too.
    [00:48] <QuinnBlackstone> The little ones may not. We could be
    lookin' for complete strangers, far as they know.
    01[00:48] <@Harper> I want them to have a good chance. They aren't
    actually to go live with Mrs. Peele are they?
    01[00:49] <@Harper> She seemed right enough.
    [00:49] <QuinnBlackstone> It looks like that's what's in the works, for now.
    01[00:49] <@Harper> I thought they were stayin' with that farmer
    feller. The one Shi didn't like.
    [00:49] <QuinnBlackstone> I don't think so.
    [00:50] <QuinnBlackstone> Peele was leadin' them off to get them settled.
    [00:50] <Hector> The idea was to have them remain as a group and be
    cycled out each season to another home, the objective was to get the
    kids used to living in a home and around other people, used to work
    with their hands, used to discipline and also to get the people of
    this town used to them. The more they're seen the more they will come
    to accept them as another part of the society.
    [00:51] <Hector> Once they'd cycled through the homes of each family,
    they'd make decisions along the way. Such as where to make a permanent
    home or if the town would accept them. There was never a plan to just
    leave them without a check up or a lack of supervision. It's why I
    pulled the mayor in as well as the law. It's why I set up education
    and a future here.
    [00:51] <Hector> So they could build and eventually make their own choices.
    01[00:51] <@Harper> But if they have parents, that's who they should
    be with, not strangers.
    [00:52] <QuinnBlackstone> long's their parents aren't assholes.
    [00:52] <Hector> In all likelihood, their parents, sold them,
    abandoned them, or are dead.
    [00:52] <Hector> This is the usual situation for reader candidates.
    The one's who dissapeared are rare.
    01[00:52] <@Harper> True enough but by what I got from sharon, hers
    weren't. They were like my own when they sent Kara off. Filled with
    hope that she got into a good school. Not knowing what was to come.
    01[00:53] <@Harper> She clearly does not think that her parents betrayed her.
    [00:53] <Hector> There's always the exception to the rule.
    [00:53] <Hector> And lets not forget, what she thinks, may not be the truth.
    01[00:53] <@Harper> Adam...does seem like his parents are dead but he
    wants to go and I'm not going to force him to stay. Sharon and he want
    to stay together.
    01[00:54] <@Harper> May not be....but probably is.
    01[00:55] <@Harper> She's a reader. She'd know how they feel.
    [00:55] <Hector> Your the captain of this ship. Make your decision and
    lets do it.
    06[00:57] * QuinnBlackstone glances at Hector, then picks her tea
    back up, finishing a crisp.
    01[00:57] <@Harper> See if you can find the parents of the little
    ones. I will ready space for the big ones. We'll be leaving soon. I'm
    willing to go along with helping those farmers. They don't need to be
    crushed by the alliance for wanting to have control of their own
    06[00:58] * Hector nods
    01[00:59] <@Harper> Not sure what all we can do but we'll do what we can.
    [00:59] <Hector> When we end up in a battle against the alliance, you
    can blame it on me if you like, at least it'll keep Shi's hatred
    centered so he doesn't blow up everything around him.
    [00:59] <QuinnBlackstone> Not a fan of that.
    06[01:00] * QuinnBlackstone sips more tea, her voice a little growly.
    01[01:00] <@Harper> We don't have guns and they do. That might end poorly.
    [01:00] <Hector> I have guns.
    [01:00] <QuinnBlackstone> I think she means this ship.
    [01:00] <QuinnBlackstone> 'cause lord knows I have guns.
    [01:00] <Hector> And I meant my ship.
    06[01:01] * QuinnBlackstone nods, and empties the rest of the crisps
    back in their container, taking her cup and the plate to the sink to
    01[01:01] <@Harper> Enough though?
    [01:01] <Hector> I suppose that depends on if we can get the militia
    and their ships on our side.
    [01:01] <QuinnBlackstone> Strategy can make up for some of a lack of
    fire power.. but like he says..
    [01:02] <QuinnBlackstone> We could have help.
    06[01:02] * QuinnBlackstone scrubscrubs.
    01[01:03] <@Harper> I am not wanting to take on the Alliance head on.
    I'm ready to provide refuge and transportation...but we are a
    transport. I'm not wanting to go to war.
    06[01:03] * Hector smiles
    [01:03] <Hector> I wasn't thinking of war.
    01[01:04] <@Harper> We did enough fighting against the Prophet to
    last me a while.
    06[01:04] * QuinnBlackstone nods to them both "Let me know when I'm
    gonna be more useful, less chatty. I get goin' when I have to be
    06[01:04] * QuinnBlackstone turns and heads out.
    01[01:04] <@Harper> Right Quinn.
    06[01:04] * Hector waves to Quinn
    06[01:04] * QuinnBlackstone waves a bit.
    03[01:05] * QuinnBlackstone
    ( has left #fascination
    [01:05] <Hector> I've outfitted the fascination to be invisible to
    sensors remember? So all that needs to be done is set up a situation
    to give her cover so she can work on hauling people and supplies.
    01[01:06] <@Harper> Hauling we can do.
    [01:06] <Hector> I'll use my ship for electronic counter measures and
    disable their weapons. The militia can handle the cover.
    [01:07] <Hector> I'll ask that you convince Shi not to give away my
    coordinates so that I'm boarded and or destroyed.
    01[01:07] <@Harper> I'll do my best. You made him mad but he listens to orders.
    [01:08] <Hector> There won't be a time that I make him happy, Harper.
    That much is evident.
    [01:08] <Hector> I can only hope that there will come a time that I
    don't need to have contingencies in place to protect myself from him
    at all times.
    01[01:08] <@Harper> I know. I'm going to try to calm him now. Give
    you a chance to check on the parents.
    01[01:08] <@Harper> We'll leave in the morning.
    [01:09] <Hector> I'll go get blood samples.
    06[01:10] * Hector stands and gives a nod.
    06[01:10] * Hector heads off to go do his dirty deeds.
    03[01:12] * Hector ( has
    left #fascination
    02[01:14] * Shi_Sying (Amaya@24.108.ouz.nqv) Quit (Quit: " I also
    figured out the reason Rice Krispies start making noise when you pour
    milk on them is because they are drowning...which is why Fruit Loops
    were you could throw them a life preserver." Crystal )
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