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    On Raising Your Super-intelligent Bird of Paradise


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    On Raising Your Super-intelligent Bird of Paradise Empty On Raising Your Super-intelligent Bird of Paradise

    Post  Admin on Wed Mar 07, 2012 10:35 pm

    During the Zooterrarium Ship called The Bronx episode, the crew boarded the disabled wild-life preserve and tourist attraction ship as it floated helpless in space, without power or support.

    Adina, Shi, Harper, and Quinn braved dark, barely lit halls, hungry and terrifyingly terrified zoo animals, and a mortal time limit to save the ship from life support loss.

    As it turned out, the ship's engine had been tampered with by a super-intelligent avian, a red-and-silver Royal Bird of Paradise named Alvis.

    Alvis had been trying to find the perfect place to put his eggs after his mate, Prasila passed away. He'd been receiving enrichment training, giving him a parrot-like human speech and even cultivated a bit of technical knowhow with the help of being able to understand Cortex guides and videos. He even learned a bit of mechanical and technical engineering, and discovered the inside of an engine was a darn toasty place.

    The regal bird decided that was the best place to secret his mate's clutch. Furthermore, to stop the zoo-keepers from interfering, he had rigged up a trap, luring all those responsible for keeping the ship running into the massive storage bay at the base of the round domed ship, and locking them behind security doors.

    Just as he was in the process of doing some of the last steps to hiding his eggs, the 'Verse-wide Cortex disruption occurred. Incidentally, it cut him off from his instructional videos too, leading to animalistic frustration and a not quite safe engine.

    The crew managed to convince Alvis to let Adina fix the engine and get his eggs to another good place, and in doing so restored power to the ship, and rescued the zookeepers.

    The zookeepers wanted to reward the crew. They offered money, riches, jewels, but were turned down. No, the crew wanted to be paid in ANIMALS. And so, they were.

    Animals Awarded:
    Royal Bird of Paradise Egg: Shi Sying, Adina Rojah

    Along with the eggs, came hours of instructional videos on how to care for them enrich their lives so they grew up to be as intelligent as possible. They also provided bird cages with a few spare toys and bird feed as well.

    Rather than carry out all of our bird related downtimes in private, I'm putting this out here so that it can be seen by everyone involved and so you can have an excuse to have bird conversations.

    If you honestly need to have secret ninja bird training sessions, we can still do those in the private zones.

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