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    Logs from Sihnon Empty Logs from Sihnon

    Post  Shi on Sat Dec 17, 2011 5:08 am

    these are the logs from Fascinations landing on Sihnon. The amazing Robin is the ST here... yay me.

    1<Shi_Sying> 6 after several days of flight punctuated by fun arguments between crew members you come upon the brilliant jewel of Sihonon, Core world, gem in the crown of the Alliance. The lush forests and gardens of the planet contrast perfectly with the rich blues of the oceans. Around it, like glittering diamonds are ships of all shapes and sizes, zipping around on various errands and many small stations orbiting the planet.
    06* @Hector looks out a window or something of the like to see the approaching planet type thingy
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 while not as wildly verdant as Verbena, you can tell even from way up here that the air is clean and the forests are gorgeous. Up in the cockpit there is a voice hailing Fascination
    06* Adina shirking off work to look at the pretty view. Who cares about the engine...
    01<Shi_Sying> 3 good afternoon and welcome to Sihnon, may we have your ships identification and port of call so that we may facilitate your trip
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 anyone currently accessing the Cortex is bombarded with adds, jingles and slogans that is the typical sensory overload in any Core world. Adina would notice adds for the brightest and shiniest techie toys available in the 'verse
    06* Adina would swoooon, but she's not looking.
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 the brilliant jewel of a planet grows larger in the window and the polite soothing voice asks for identification again
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 someone must have sent in the proper information as you hear the polite voice say 3 thank you, please proceed to docking bay 23 Xinxing
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 for those of you who either know Sihnon or choose to look it up, it means Rising Stars, and it certainly is that. As you approach you see beautiful silvery spires reaching up to the sky, colored lights seem to sparkle along their forms. The architecture i
    s whimsical and nothing short of art, there are gorgeous open air pavilions, towers of glass and glittering metal, buildings with gentle curves and arching roofs. Interspersed between these buildings are lush gardens full of green plants and gorgeous ponds. Everything is so clean and shining.
    06* Harper stays at the helm, flying carefully to where they
    <Harper> 6have been directed. She does not want to get on the wrong side of the Alliance again and she certainly doesn't want to give them reason to board the ship, certain that Quinn would not really appreciate unexpected guests.
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 you pass by the shining tower of Zuanshinao Corp, Adina feels a wild thrill as she realizes that this is one of the major intelligent technologies development companies. there are many signs advertizing companies owned by Blue Sun, offering many different types of New tech
    03* wang-yu-suk ( has joined #Fascination
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 the ship circles the designated landing platform and lands without incident. Its a lovely port, there's plenty of room here, and its spotless. There is an official looking man waiting on the platform with a round shaped robot next to him. He looks like he's waiting for the people inside to step out
    02* Mobiusklein_AWAY ( Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
    06* wang-yu-suk steps out adjusting the strap on the cloth satchel over his shoulder
    06* Adina , dressed for serious shopping, steps out with her most neutral smile, reserved for Alliance officials
    06* wang-yu-suk presents his identicard for inspection
    6@Hector is all dressed up purdy like, with his nifty glasses and coat.
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 the man is half korean, half caucasian. Flawlessly groomed and wearing the uniform of the Sihnon transport authority. He bows politely to you all and holds up a clear clipboard with many pretty lights shining on it as information scrolls over it. As he straightens up, you can see that his eyes are metal, likely some very expensive cybernetics.
    01<Shi_Sying> 2 good evening, do I have the honor of addressing the captain?
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 he glances at the group
    06* Shi_Sying walks out, dressed impeccably and for once not looking like an odd duck. He looks perfectly at ease being back on his home planet
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 he waits for someone to identify themselves as the captain... and likely scanning you all for weapons
    06* Harper saunters down off the ramp, studying the busy port and then heads over to the official. 1Evenin', I reckon you're here lookin' for me?
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 the man bows and smiles warmly 2 ah yes, it is a pleasure to meet you Captain, may I see your documentation?
    06* wang-yu-suk is dressed in a decent suit of middling quality, it is a dark color, maybe blue maybe black maybe purple depending on the light quality. his hair is slicked back and his fu-man-chu is groomed tight. he has a cloth and leather satchel that matches the suit slung over a shoulder to hang at his hip. the tailoring of his clothing is loose fitting but the cloth falls with more style
    06* wang-yu-suk than you thought the foul little man could ever pull off
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 he holds out his hand for the information and pauses as he glances at Wang
    01<Shi_Sying> 2 Knives must be under 6 inches in length on Sihnon or they will be considered weapons
    06* wang-yu-suk toddles back into the ship and returns a minute later all smiles
    06* wang-yu-suk holds up a knife roll
    <wang-yu-suk> these kitchen knife. need to take in for sharpen. is ok?
    06* Harper rustles about and finds some papers that should be in order... Or at least were a couple years ago. 1We're just lookin' to refuel and spend a few credits. It's a right pretty place you have here.
    01<Shi_Sying> 2 thank you, we do our part, it is a lovely district 6 he speaks with genuine pride in his voice. He looks at the papers and nods politely
    01<Shi_Sying> 2 everything is in order, though you will want to renew your TS-5 within 3 months to avoid any docking issues
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 his tone indicates that he honestly wants to help out, though he does pause as wang comes back out and he raises an eyebrow and looks at his clipboard, taping a few things onto it.
    <Harper> Certainly. Can I do file the papers here? I wouldn't want anything to be out of order.
    01<Shi_Sying> 2You're cleared to dock here for 48 hours, if you need to stay longer please contact the transport Authority and log in your docking number.
    01<Shi_Sying> 2 of course! You can begin the process in the STA just off to the left. 6 he motions to the tall impressive looking building with STA written on it and Sihnon transport Authority written stylistically beneath it
    01<Shi_Sying> 2 where will you be heading after Sihnon? If you dont mind me asking?
    06* Adina murmurs: "I wish we'd never leave!"
    1<Shi_Sying> 6 the man smiles at Adinas words
    01<Shi_Sying> 2 if you wish to make your stay memorable, the tourist authority broadcasts on channel 53825 and will be able to direct you to many fascinating sights and locations
    <Adina> Sounds lovely! Unless our local is willing to lead...
    06* Shi_Sying grins
    06* Adina looks at Shi all *nudge-nudge*
    01<Shi_Sying> I'd be honored to, there's some impressive places... like the tech fair
    <Adina> The... tech... fair?
    06* Shi_Sying nods and grins wider
    06* Adina feels like every major religious holiday ever, plus some futuristic holidays like uni-day, have come at the same time.
    06* Shi_Sying 's grin grows even wider as adinas delight is infectious
    06* Shi_Sying looks around
    01<Shi_Sying> So who is going where?
    <Harper> I'm going to file some paperwork. You're going to get me some apples,
    01<Shi_Sying> high tech apples....
    06* Shi_Sying looks torn, he doesn't want to leave Harpers side... but the thought of the tech fair.....
    <wang-yu-suk> I stay with groupsee what we see, i need stop by food markets but not in rush, have 2 days
    06* Shi_Sying nods and smiles
    06* Adina would say food market sounds good too, if she could talk and\or stop smiling
    01<Shi_Sying> will you join us Hector?
    <@Hector> I would be delighted.
    06* @Hector smiles
    06* Shi_Sying looks at Harper
    01<Shi_Sying> you'll be alright?
    01<Shi_Sying> If you need to find us, any of the terminals will direct you to the Tech fair, i'm sure we'll still be there when you're done... I"ll send you a wave if we go elsewhere
    06* Shi_Sying looks nervous about leaving Harper unguarded, but... its Sihnon...
    01<Shi_Sying> call us if there's any problems Harper...
    06* Shi_Sying escorts the others through the streets, personal transports zip by like crystal stagecoaches. There are no horses here messing things up, everything is very high tech and proud to show it off
    06* Adina wants to move in.
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 there are huge screens everywhere advertizing things, offering information and brilliant images. They all suddenly crackle with static and the people on the street glance up in confusion. Its not normal to have their precious technology acting up
    06* wang-yu-suk smirks at thier dismay, feeling his skin crawl as he feels the various cameras watching everyone and everything
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 you see horrific images suddenly appear, Men and women, horribly disfigured, wearing foul leather clothing and 6covered in gore. You hear screams of their victims in all the brilliance that high def can offer.
    <wang-yu-suk> wow, glad i skip breakfast
    <wang-yu-suk> glad is just video, can no smell. smell is worst part of broken people mess.
    ng> 5 THE ALLIANCE IS LYING TO YOU! 6 you hear a voice call out over the violence. There are pictures of Miranda, looking pure and clean, then clips of reaver ships and the voice over you all remember from that first Miranda broadcast over a year ago 5 The Alliance created the Reavers and they will continue to use the populations of the Rim and Border worlds in their experiments!
    06* Shi_Sying 's eyes narrow at he glares at the screens, looking more than a little personally offended. If he had a gun on him, you're rather sure he'd be shooting screens
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 people look both horrified and confused, many try to cover the eyes of children to spare them the horrors of the pirate broadcast, but its pretty much impossible to shut out information feeds in the Core worlds
    06* Adina looks away from the images, but is quite impressed that the rebels made it this far into the core
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 the screens all crackle again and the broadcasts return to normal, leaving everyone baffled and worried. You're rather sure you can almost hear Shi growling softly
    <wang-yu-suk> you seem more angry than most shi, what up?
    01<Shi_Sying> ...its personal
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 yup! he's growling
    06* Adina tries to lighten the mood: "Well, that was a bit awkward!"
    02* @Hector ( Quit
    01<Shi_Sying> that's a kind way of putting it....
    <wang-yu-suk> you need go someplace quiet?
    01<Shi_Sying> I'm fine
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 life is quickly returning to normal, people are once again embraced by the comforting information overloads they're accustomed to and its soon as if the incident hadn't happened.
    <Adina> They sure bounce back quickly around here.
    01<Shi_Sying> ONe little broadcast isn't going to shake their faith
    01<Shi_Sying> ...lets head to the tech fair
    06* Shi_Sying smiles brightly, seeming to recover as quickly as the people around him, though... chances are he's faking it
    06* Shi_Sying begins heading down the road, easily sidestepping a shiny black transport that lands nearby
    06* Adina curiously eyes the people around her, searching for any reaction to what they just saw.
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 One or two give the monitors curious glances, but for the most part, they're thinking its some tasteless hoax
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 there are several comments about lodging a complaint about having such images broadcast over the public spectrum
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 for the most part, people are speaking chinese in various dialects, and Adina realizes she's the only caucasian in the area.
    06* Adina couldn't care less about race - she cares about robots!
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 Shi guides you all to the tech fair, and its rather obvious that you're getting closer as everything becomes more 6technologically advanced. YOu see platforms showing off personal cruisers, New datapads and guidance systems being advertized as well as various experimental technologies on display. There are shops selling various parts and up on several platforms, Adina see's her goal... ROBOTS!!!
    06* Adina only manages not to scream by fear of getting arrested
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 you see a personal drone styling the hair of a young companion who smiles warmly for the crowd. the robots movements are graceful and deft as it does a rather impressive job with the womans hair. You see glittering robotic dragonflies that zip overhead just out of reach, their bodies picking up every color in the spectrum as they move. There's monitors on the wall nearby that project what the insects sea
    01<Shi_Sying> *see
    <Adina> Shi, pinch me, I must be dreaming!
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 there are robotic animals that look exactely like their real life counterparts, even human cyborgs performing tasks for potential buyers. On other platforms there are more utilitarian style robots, capable of performing specific tasks in various environments
    06* Shi_Sying pinches her
    01<Shi_Sying> DOnt forget, we need parts for the ship
    <wang-yu-suk> what we need?
    06* Adina almost asks "what ship?" but remembers the details of her life just in time
    <wang-yu-suk> i can get discount....
    06* Shi_Sying smiles at her playfully, trying to keep his attention from zipping all over the place, especially at some of the new systems on display
    <Adina> Can you haggle in this place?
    01<Shi_Sying> NO, dont "discount" anything... this is Sihnon
    <Adina> Oh, THAT discount.
    01<Shi_Sying> Haggling really isn't looked overly well on here
    01<Shi_Sying> though ....
    06* Shi_Sying looks around
    <Adina> Suppose taking pictures of the products doesn't either?
    01<Shi_Sying> depends how discreetly you do it
    <Adina> I can usually blend in with a crowd... but around here, that would be you.
    01<Shi_Sying> why am I needing to blend in?
    06* Shi_Sying looks confused
    <Adina> So we can recreate these gorgeous creatures without having to sell Hector...
    01<Shi_Sying> why sell him? We'll make more renting him out...
    06* Shi_Sying murmurs that softly
    <Adina> I have a good memory for them but some of these mechanisms seem complicated.
    06* Adina snickers quite childishly
    <Adina> Good point
    01<Shi_Sying> 7 what do you mean you can't make the shipment?! 6 you hear the angry voice speaking in rapid chinese from a nearby stall
    06* Shi_Sying glances over with interest
    06* Adina feels a job coming
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 the man is dressed elaborately in a chinese style gown... er... tunic... you've never really been sure what to call them. His hair is brilliant blue and his long mustache is braided with gold beads. He has a tattoo of a blue dragon on his cheek and his fingers are covered with rings.
    06* wang-yu-suk tenses up but tries to hide it
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 he doesn't look like he's speaking on anything, but as this is Sihnon, he might have an implant as a phone
    06* Adina tilts her head in the universal sign for "shall we go closer to eavesdrop?"
    01<Shi_Sying> 7 I do not care for your excuses, these parts are required! Do not insult my honor you anus pimple!
    06* Shi_Sying nods
    06* Shi_Sying glances at Wang
    01<Shi_Sying> are you alright?
    <wang-yu-suk> guy have blue dragon tattoo
    01<Shi_Sying> 7 do you think that they can just fly there on their own? YOu will cost me many credits!
    <wang-yu-suk> we used to put them on arm
    06* Shi_Sying nods and then looks intently at the man
    01<Shi_Sying> He doesn't know you
    01<Shi_Sying> or of you
    06* Adina goes closer subtly, blending in as just some tourist
    <wang-yu-suk> he might have information i want
    01<Shi_Sying> 7 I do not care that you're giving birth! Unless your baby can fly a ship its not important. Those parts need to be at Wu Chong! Do you think that its easy to get all those permits in order?
    01<Shi_Sying> shall we talk to him then?
    <wang-yu-suk> sure
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 the man looks both angry and worried. he's keeping his voice down for the most part, but he's obviously agitated
    <Adina> Sounds like he's hiring...
    <wang-yu-suk> we talk, i want know about dragon leadership
    01<Shi_Sying> Then lets ask
    <wang-yu-suk> have man to kill
    06* Shi_Sying grins
    01<Shi_Sying> Care to do the talking Adina? I... tend to not always say the right thing...
    <wang-yu-suk> someone else talk, i not want spook him...yet
    01<Shi_Sying> or wang?
    <Adina> I could, but aren't you more qualified for this?
    01<Shi_Sying> i'm crazy remember
    <Adina> Only sometimes!
    <Adina> I've never done the sales pitch... I co
    uld try.
    01<Shi_Sying> Nothing quite like the first time
    <Adina> Okay, then. Do rescue me if I'm about to get us arrested or killed.
    01<Shi_Sying> sure!
    06* Adina walks over to the man once he hangs up his... implant?
    01<Shi_Sying> I"ll protect you
    06* Adina (not feeling all that reassured but okay)
    06* Adina plasters on her brightest smile
    <Adina> Hello, sir!
    01<Shi_Sying> 7 ah hello, how may I help you?
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 he bows politely to her
    06* Adina curtsies (or whatever)
    <Adina> Please forgive the intrusion, but you seem a bit troubled?
    01<Shi_Sying> 7 oh it is nothing, do not it disturb the harmony of your shopping
    <Adina> Oh no, I only ask because I work for a ship that provides services for businesses in need of them.
    <Adina> I was wondering if we could help you with something.
    01<Shi_Sying> 7 he perks up at that
    <Adina> This lovely shop should not be in need of anything
    06* Adina kisses ass
    <Adina> We'd like to help if we can
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 ah, this shop? It is nothing, but yes, I seem to be experiencing a small transportation issue
    01<Shi_Sying> ooc that was orange
    01<Shi_Sying> 7 are you bonded?
    06* Adina glances at Shi all 'wtf? Are we?' unless this is a common term
    <wang-yu-suk> CH: we are extremely adept like the dragon of winds at moving objects from place to place, the leaf rises here and falls there and none may ask why the leaf went there or what was on it.
    06* Adina nods at Wang's sudden poetics.
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 the man smiles at the poetic speech
    01<Shi_Sying> 7 you speak well
    <wang-yu-suk> in chinese, yes. i sound like a backbirth monkey when i speak english
    01<Shi_Sying> 7 If I hire you for this, I would require some security scans however. I do not wish to give you insult, but these parts are quite delicate
    6 wang-yu-suk looks to shi...ship security for wang is mostly piig sticking anyone who shouldnt be on board
    <Adina> It's perfectly understandable.
    01<Shi_Sying> 7 we will gladly arrange for our captain to speak with you and answer any of your questions if you wish
    <Adina> Can I ask what is the nature of the shipment, or would you like to discuss this more privately?
    06* Adina is too used to sketchy dealings at this point...
    06* wang-yu-suk looks at adina
    01<Shi_Sying> 7 I'm an honest business man if that's what you're asking, they are simply parts, delicate parts
    <wang-yu-suk> we do not need to discuss such matters in the public square, if at all
    01<Shi_Sying> 7 I assure you, the paperwork is all in order, the shipment is quite legal
    <Adina> Oh not at all, I didn't mean any such thing. I just know some technology is delicate, as you said.
    02* wang-yu-suk ( Quit
    01<Shi_Sying> 7 yes, quite delicate
    01<Shi_Sying> 7 where is your captain?
    <Adina> Excellent. The captain can discuss the details, right?
    06* Adina looks at Shi for confirmation
    06* Shi_Sying nods at Adina and smiles
    06* Shi_Sying glances at the merchant
    01<Shi_Sying> SHe's currently updating one of the ships licenses then she will be meeting us here. I'm sure she'd be quite interested in arranging a deal with you
    01<Shi_Sying> 7 I will arrange for the scans then, I do not wish to delay more than necessary
    01<Shi_Sying> In the meantime, we should look around for the parts we need Adina
    <Adina> Brilliant!
    06* Adina heaves a sigh of relief for getting through the conversation without getting killed and turns to look at the pretties!
    06* Shi_Sying walks away with her and murmus softly
    01<Shi_Sying> we can price out the items we need, and it will give us a base price to ask for from him
    <Adina> I'm thinking we should start for scanners, for our security guys
    06* Shi_Sying guides her towards the ships and their various parts
    06* Shi_Sying nods
    01<Shi_Sying> works for me
    06* Harper beeps in on Shi. Bing bong, bing bong,
    01<Shi_Sying> We could always see what Blue Sun is offering, or Zuanshinao Corp.
    <Adina> Wow, she has good timing.
    06* Shi_Sying answers his comm
    01<Shi_Sying> Captain! Wonderful timing
    06* Harper speaks over the commlink. 1I reckon that means that you're up to somethin' and that that somethin' might be painful in mind or body.
    1<Shi_Sying> We have a job Captain, legit and everything
    <Adina> Well... to be fair, he said "quite".
    06* Shi_Sying flashes Adina an innocent smile
    <Harper> To where?
    01<Shi_Sying> Wu Chong Station, its two days from Ezra
    01<Shi_Sying> we pretty much need to go right by it
    <Harper> Oh... right then. Reckon we should take it.
    01<Shi_Sying> Apparantly the pilot of the original transport is... giving birth or something
    06* Shi_Sying shrugs, forgetting that she can't see it
    <Harper> Alrighty. Do I need to do anything?
    01<Shi_Sying> You need to come here and pass the security scans, he's just making sure we're not con artists or criminals or anything
    01<Shi_Sying> He's legit
    01<Shi_Sying> Are we interested in this?
    03* Mobiusklein_AWAY ( has joined #Fascination
    03* Mobiusklein_AWAY is now known as Nicholas
    <Harper> I can do that. Where do I need to be? I've updated all of our papers soo we should be good for a bit.
    01<Shi_Sying> excellent, we're at the tech fair
    <Harper> How do I find that?
    01<Shi_Sying> poke one of the kiosks for directions
    <Harper> Will do. On my way.
    01<Shi_Sying> thank you
    06* Harper gets on her way after inquiring from the machines as to directions.
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 the kiosks give rather surprisingly clear directions and even print out a small map for her showing her the location of the fair
    06* Shi_Sying looks over and makes a happy cooing sound
    01<Shi_Sying> oooooh
    06* Shi_Sying scoots over to look at some system upgrades and new motherboards
    06* Harper will eventually arrive
    06* Adina rolls her eyes (like she's one to talk) and continues looking at scanners
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 a little rolling robot bumps into Adinas ankle and squeaks
    06* Adina looks at it with interest.
    <Adina> What have we here?
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 a little panel opens up and a scope peeks out. it see's Adina and beeps softly, the scope retracts and it begins to roll away
    <Adina> Interesting.
    6* Adina goes over to the shop owner.
    <Adina> What is that?
    01<Shi_Sying> 10 that? 6 she looks down at the little rolling robot 10 that's a Tidy'bot, it wanders around your home or ship and tidies things up for you, excellent for those hard to reach places
    06* Shi_Sying grins at harper as she arrives and heads over to her
    01<Shi_Sying> Ah, i've missed this place, have you looked around? isn't it lovely? And so clean....
    <Harper> Hey there. 6She eyes Adina carefully. 1I thought you were supposed to be keeping her safe Spiffy.
    01<Shi_Sying> I am... she's not dead yet
    06* Shi_Sying looks guilty
    <Harper> But she's going to ... it's a robot. You know how she gets. She'll llikely never recover.
    <Adina> What's that scope it had?
    01<Shi_Sying> 10 it see's in total darkness, scans for any irregularities and analyzes them, then removes them
    <Adina> How adorable! Mind if I take a closer look, or does it bite?
    01<Shi_Sying> 10 oh it does't bite, you're welcome to take a closer look, you can speak to it as well, it has simple language skills
    06* Shi_Sying looks over Adinas shoulder at the little robot. He's seen many of these little things before and just shrugs, not overly interested
    <Harper> Sunshine, aren't you supposed to be designing your own playmate?
    06* Adina smiles at the captain
    <Adina> Don't worry, you won't have an army of these running around.
    <Adina> I am merely interested in its scanning capabilities... not that I wouldn't like one or two.
    <Harper> Or a dozen?
    06* Adina smiles bashfully
    <Adina> Well... one or two dozen.
    06* Shi_Sying leans over and murmurs to Adina
    01<Shi_Sying> they're expensive
    01<Shi_Sying> very expensive
    06* Adina sighs
    <Adina> I know, I know.
    <Harper> I'm sure that everything in the place is.
    06* Adina instead of buying the whole lot, examines its parts discreetly
    01<Shi_Sying> pretty much
    06* Shi_Sying whispers to Adina
    01<Shi_Sying> you could make one for about a quarter of the cost
    <Harper> Reckon we'd better get to makin' some credits then,
    06* Adina smiles confidently
    <Adina> I never had any doubt
    6Shi_Sying looks at the captain
    01<Shi_Sying> did you want to meet the man looking for a ship?
    06* Harper will make sure that the pantry is overflowing with apples before liftoff but is open to suggestions of other things to buy while they wander about and search for a job.
    <Harper> Might be nice.
    06* Shi_Sying grins at Harper and motions for her to join him and adina
    06* Harper follows them about. She pretends to look about less than Adina but she still finds her gaze wandering.
    06* Shi_Sying is obviously in his own little heaven and he steers Harper back to the shop with the machine parts and the chinese merchant with the dragon tattoo. he smiles at them as they enter and bows politely
    01<Shi_Sying> 7 Ah you've returned, you would be the captain then?
    06* Harper nods at the greeting, figuring that Spiffy will be filling in the blanks.
    01<Shi_Sying> 7 your crewmen have suggested that you can be of service with a problem. The Wu Chong station is in need of some parts which I have a contract to supply
    01<Shi_Sying> 7 everything about the contract is legal, you're welcome to check it on the Coretex
    01<Shi_Sying> 7 I will however require a security check on your part. I do not with any problems with the guilds or future contracts, but I will pay well for your troubles
    06* Shi_Sying glances at Harper and nods
    <Harper> I'm sure that my man here has already done so. He did bring me to you. 6She gives her perspective employer a winning smile. 1We can always use the work and it can be quite tryin' to find honest merchants. 6She is of course, implying that she's only interested in honest work.
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 this is honest, I dont with any troubles
    01<Shi_Sying> ooc that was orange
    01<Shi_Sying> 7 the pay is 2000 as a downpayment and an additional 3 after delivery
    <Harper> Certainly. What do you need so far as a check?
    01<Shi_Sying> 7 Search the ship, make sure there's nothing illegal aboard, and a background check on the crew
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 his tone makes it clear that there will be no bargaining on this point
    <Harper> Alrighty.
    06* Shi_Sying grins at Harper, pleased about how many fresh supplies that will buy, and parts....shiny metal parts for Adina and himself to play with
    01<Shi_Sying> When is the cargo expected on Wu-chong?
    01<Shi_Sying> 7 a week, so you can see my concern
    06* Shi_Sying nods, as that's about how long it takes to get to Wu-Chong from Sihnon
    <Harper> We do have a few passengers on board. Will it be alright to carry your cargo and them to?
    01<Shi_Sying> 7 as long as the passengers do not go anywhere near the cargo
    01<Shi_Sying> 12 Excuse me... I couldn't help but hear... you're heading to Wu-chong and you carry passengers?
    06* Harper looks around for the voice but she nods her assent not to allow any passengers near the merchants cargo,
    3 Adina is now known as AdinaRenderedMuteByAllTheTech
    06* Shi_Sying looks over and see's a chinese gentleman, he's dressed like a merchant, though not nearly as opulent as the man you're speaking to currently, though they are of fine make. He's well to do, and not feeling the need to wave it around. His hair is short and he's well groomed with no facial hair.
    01<Shi_Sying> 12 my name is Pan Quo Ting, I'm a member of the Cortex group and I'm requiring transportation to Wu-chong
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 he holds out his hand to shake
    <Harper> We've got a few passengers already but there is room for another if it is allowed.
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 as he looks at you both, you realize he has a lazy eye. He wears a monacle to fix the issue, but its either not perfect, or he's not inclined to alter himself through vanity
    06* Harper looks over at the original merchant wondering if he might have any objections
    <Harper> I've no objections to taking you on your journey.
    01<Shi_Sying> 7 I have no issues as long as he doesn't go near the cargo... its nothing personal
    02* Nicholas ( Quit
    <Harper> I'll make sure that the hold is secure.
    01<Shi_Sying> 12 will we be able to make an arrangement? If its a bother I can secure it elsewhere, but this seemed to be fated
    <Harper> We don't allow passengers in the hold. Things might shift and we can't take the chance they might be harmed.
    <Harper> It seems that we can take you on your way.
    01<Shi_Sying> 12 ah excellent, thank you
    <Harper> We should be on our way in 12 hours.
    <Harper> Would that meet with our schedule?
    <Harper> Providin' we pass the background check.
    01<Shi_Sying> 12 I`ll have my bags brought aboard your ship then. Which port are you docked atÉ
    06* Harper gives him the number of their bay. 1Should be done loadin' up and refueled. Is there any special dietary restrictions I should take into consideration when we're shopping for grub?
    01<Shi_Sying> 12 No, i'm rather low maintenance
    <Harper> Then we'll look forward to having you on board. Now I'd best be getting to those checks

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    Logs from Sihnon Empty 2nd Sihnon Game

    Post  Shi on Sat Dec 24, 2011 2:50 am

    1<Shi_Sying> 6 its very quiet on Sihnon... no barfights that you've seen, no litter, no casual profanity.... in fact, you'd pretty much say its rather dull... very pretty, but dull
    06* wangyusuk is finding the dullness nearly unbearable
    06* Shi_Sying seems a tad restless as well, wandering through the ship, straightening things, restraightening them...
    01<Shi_Sying> We need to get out, enjoy the city a little
    06* wangyusuk looks at shi
    <wangyusuk> sound good
    <wangyusuk> wee need fucking fun
    <wangyusuk> i go get dressed
    06* wangyusuk heads to his nook in the mess hall and draws the curtain for privacy while he changes
    06* Shi_Sying bites back a comment about how wang manages to swear with every comment, which he previously was sure wasn't possible.
    01<Shi_Sying> Captain, Wang and I were going to go out for a bit, come with us
    <Harper> Come where? How long will we be gone? I have to be ready for our guests.
    06* wangyusuk emerges with a quite dapper new suit on, he looks dressed to accompany shi
    01<Shi_Sying> just to the market?
    <Harper> Oh sure. I haven't had much of a chance to do any shoppin. I reckon that I can tag along. Just let me tell Quinn. It's not likely she'll be leavin' the ship anyway. 6She trots off to let her first mate know then comes back after a quick change to make herself look presentable and not like quite such a hick.
    06* wangyusuk adjusts his undergarments that consist of the ballistic mesh and all the sheaths for the knives
    06* wangyusuk flicks a knife out of his sleeve and spins it around his fingers
    06* Shi_Sying looks like he belongs on sihnon well enough and he grins at them both
    <wangyusuk> five and three quater inch
    <wangyusuk> like white man penis
    <wangyusuk> that why they not like anything over six inch, they uptight
    01<Shi_Sying> there we go.... pardon!?!?
    06* wangyusuk grins and flicks the knife back up his sleeve
    <Harper> Lovely. Wang you do make everything much moer interesting.
    06* Shi_Sying 's jaw drops at wangs comment
    01<Shi_Sying> .... ahem... alright then....
    <wangyusuk> it true and you know
    01<Shi_Sying> ... I wont ask you how you know
    01<Shi_Sying> and I do not s
    pend my time studying the genitalia of other men
    06* Shi_Sying sounds both appalled and horrified all at once
    1<Shi_Sying> ... on that note...
    06* Shi_Sying begins edging towards the exit
    06* wangyusuk follows along
    <Harper> I reckon neither one of you are white. Does that mean anything significant Wang?
    06* wangyusuk says an awful lot with his eyebrows as he waggles them at harper
    01<Shi_Sying> ew wang.. just ew
    01<Shi_Sying> I'd ask if you could possibly get anymore crude... but i'm rather sure you could
    <Harper> I wouldn't go underestimating him.
    <wangyusuk> i born and raised in brothel, i know many nasty thing
    <wangyusuk> like did you know if you stick your finger....never mind. lets go
    01<Shi_Sying> Harper... make him stop talking?
    <Harper> Why, your face turns such ... interesting colors.
    <wangyusuk> see, harper know what i talking about
    06* wangyusuk makes a complicated gesture with his fingers a nods at harper
    <wangyusuk> right right
    06* wangyusuk does it again
    <Harper> Well, no, not mostly. But I know a lot more than Spiffy here.
    01<Shi_Sying> ahem.. er... well...
    06* Shi_Sying looks distinctly uncomfortable
    01<Shi_Sying> Oh hey look! a door! lets go through it!!
    06* Shi_Sying runs off the ship
    06* wangyusuk grins and pats his pockets to make sure he has everything
    06* wangyusuk follows shi
    06* Harper gives Wang a wink and follows along after Spiffy. Messing with his head is distinctly amusing.
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 outside is the great and glorious city, spotless, beautiful and so wonderfully bright. bright lights advertizing various products and services, news feeds flash across every available surface and cortex terminals abound. Ahhh spaceports!
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 people bustle about, all of them well dressed and looking like they all have somewhere important to be. No one is loitering or begging for credits, its... shocking actually.
    06* wangyusuk looks about
    <Harper> It looks unsanitary here.
    06* Shi_Sying blinks at Harper
    01<Shi_Sying> pardon?
    <wangyusuk> It looks ttoo sanitary, like if you have no money they take you away and have you discretely vaporized
    <Harper> It's to clean. SOmething must be wr<wangyusuk> ah
    01<Shi_Sying> and this is normal as far as clenliness
    06* Shi_Sying smiles and takes a deep breath
    <wangyusuk> on liann jiann, they have different system, slums below, alliance people like cheap labor and servants. must come from somewhere, easier to look away than ship in from rim
    <Harper> It's not normal.
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 a few passerby's give wang dissaproving looks over his words and continue on
    <wangyusuk> normal? we in the core. you be suprised what can become normal
    01<Shi_Sying> Of course its normal
    01<Shi_Sying> living side to side with livestock... that's wrong
    <wangyusuk> HEY FUCK YOU TOO ASSHO! you no like whatt i say you no listen! dont give me that face!
    06* wangyusuk hollers at the displeased passersby
    <wangyusuk> jackasses
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 as you talk, you head towards the bright open air market that you'd seen yesterday
    06* Shi_Sying looks appalled at Wangs outburst
    01<Shi_Sying> Wang... dont do that. manners!
    <wangyusuk> yes i hear of these one time
    <wangyusuk> what, purple bellies shoot me for talking out of turn?
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 Wang gets more than a few sneers and looks of disgust
    06* Harper looks over at shi to see if he's going to pitch a fit.
    01<Shi_Sying> wang, seriously... mind your tongue, you'll be arrested for disturbing the peace
    <wangyusuk> love the core
    01<Shi_Sying> You're in a civilized city
    <wangyusuk> let me guess, this whole planet is no smoking too
    01<Shi_Sying> ...of course! Why would you want to inhale poison?
    01<Shi_Sying> let alone make everyone around you inhale it
    <wangyusuk> ah civilized, like meaning keep head down, no speak up, no step out of line, we all pretend we not human.
    <wangyusuk> then we go to slums wwhere no cameras and we get our fix of what we need to feel alive and shamefully crawl back up and act all clean
    <wangyusuk> that kind of civilization i know very well
    01<Shi_Sying> there are cameras in the slums
    <wangyusuk> oh good
    <wangyusuk> cameras not last long in my neighborhood
    01<Shi_Sying> Sihnon slums are much different than the ones you're used to
    <wangyusuk> they clean too
    1<Shi_Sying> of course they are
    06* wangyusuk shudders
    <wangyusuk> this place not civilized, this place just one big machine made of people
    01<Shi_Sying> I was born here
    06* wangyusuk pauses
    <wangyusuk> that explains many things
    01<Shi_Sying> ...wait, what do you mean by that?
    <wangyusuk> you freaish about cleaning
    <wangyusuk> look at this place, no wonder you hate dirty things
    01<Shi_Sying> well yes there's no reason why I should live in filth
    01<Shi_Sying> and being clean shows my respect for the ship
    <wangyusuk> please tell me they at least serve alcohol on this planet, or is that poison too?
    <Harper> There's money in alcohol. I'd reckon they sell it.
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 as you walk by the market you see several fine restaurants and then the shops. there is a man leaning against a wall, an advertizement for Fruity Oaty bars sliding over him in lights, unnoticed. He is of average height, with pale skin though his cheeks are a ruddy pink. He's a large man... very round around the middle, and older, a thick snowy white beard hides his neck.
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 of course you can purchase alcohol
    01<Shi_Sying> though you can't consume it out on the streets
    <wangyusuk> well they must run in many people for public drunk
    01<Shi_Sying> not really, most citizens mind their manners
    <wangyusuk> oh course, disintegration again
    01<Shi_Sying> realize I was joking right?
    <wangyusuk> i not
    01<Shi_Sying> Why are you trying to get us in trouble?
    <wangyusuk> ok ok
    <wangyusuk> i shut up
    06* Shi_Sying pauses and glances at the man leaning against the wall
    01<Shi_Sying> you dont need to shut up, I just dont want us arrested, not with a good job lined up
    <wangyusuk> oh we got good job?
    01<Shi_Sying> Yes, transporting cargo. Its on our way, which is nice
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 a tall chinese man bumps into Wang and gives him an annoyed look for being in his way.
    <Harper> We'll be loading up after while. I thnk we have enough apples for now.
    01<Shi_Sying> you an never have too many apples
    01<Shi_Sying> I'm sure quinn would agree
    6 Shi_Sying glances at the fat man against the wall again
    <wangyusuk> something wrong?
    <Harper> Sir, are you alright? 6She walks over to the stranger, her tone filled with obvious concern
    01<Shi_Sying> 2 no... I'm sorry if I disturbed you...
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 the mans voice is rich and warm, though tight with emotion
    <Harper> Are you sure that you don't need any help?
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 he looks like he's about to decline for politeness sake, then he takes another look at the three of you and sighs
    01<Shi_Sying> 2 actually... I do need help
    01<Shi_Sying> 2 may we speak privately?
    <Harper> I reckon. Where is private on this world?
    <wangyusuk> sure thing
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 he pulls out a small silver bell and rings it. It sounds very pretty, and the air seem
    s to shimmer around you all
    <wangyusuk> ooohh that very cool
    01<Shi_Sying> 2 why thank you, no one will hear us now
    01<Shi_Sying> 2 My problem is... more embarassing than anything
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 he looks at you all again
    <wangyusuk> i at home with embarassing, ask them
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 You three look like you're capable of getting things done.... I need the help of people like you
    <wangyusuk> well, depends on what you need done, from your demeanor i suspect it less than legal, and probably less than friendly for someone...yes?
    01<Shi_Sying> 2 actually its quite legal. YOu see, I make toys
    01<Shi_Sying> 2 Its a charity. I make toys to give to children out on the Rim
    01<Shi_Sying> 2 things are so terrible out there, and so many young ones never get a chance to be young
    <Harper> That's right enough I reckon.
    <wangyusuk> i listening
    01<Shi_Sying> 2 My name is Santos tiberius Clause. Please, Call me San
    <wangyusuk> pleased to meet you santo, what can we do
    01<Shi_Sying> 2 I need to get those toys back, and soon, I have transport booked on some ships and if I miss the deadline, the children wont get their toys...
    <wangyusuk> and?
    <wangyusuk> where are toys now?
    <Harper> did someone take them?
    <Harper> Are they stuck in customs
    01<Shi_Sying> 2 Yes, I was storing them three blocks down, at the Markets storehouses
    1<Shi_Sying> 2 I think someone saw me leaving and snuck in after I locked up
    01<Shi_Sying> 2 I think it was the Laughing Tigers, but i'm not positive
    01<Shi_Sying> 2 I've seen some of them lurking about the area
    <wangyusuk> never heard of them
    01<Shi_Sying> Neither have I
    01<Shi_Sying> 2 not surprised, they're not a huge gang, if they were, they'd have been dealt with
    01<Shi_Sying> 2 as it is, they're big enough to cause me no end of grief, but there's not much I can do
    <wangyusuk> what they want?
    01<Shi_Sying> 2 and I can't go to the police... they wouldn't let me ship the toys out
    <Harper> They're against giving toys to children?
    01<Shi_Sying> 2 no, but the bureaucracy would hold it all up for weeks
    <Harper> That wouldn't do at all. So how can we help?
    01<Shi_Sying> 2 I need to get my toys back so I can send them out to the children
    <Harper> Well, I reckon we'd best be acquiring them.
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    01<Shi_Sying> 6 Santos smiles brilliantly at you all and laughs in delight, his ample stomach jiggles like a bowl full of protein
    <Harper> I don't suppose you know where we might find these Laughing TIgers.
    <wangyusuk> how much toys?
    <wangyusuk> we need hovermule to move or what?
    01<Shi_Sying> 2 likely... do you have one?
    01<Shi_Sying> 2 I had six crates of toys
    <wangyusuk> how heavy?
    01<Shi_Sying> 2 about two tons
    <wangyusuk> each?
    <wangyusuk> or all together
    01<Shi_Sying> 2 all together
    01<Shi_Sying> 2 the toys aren't made of rocks
    <wangyusuk> just checking
    <Harper> Do you have any idea at all where we can start looking?
    <wangyusuk> warehouse is down street
    <wangyusuk> we look there, no need to find more gang members
    <wangyusuk> warm up hover mule lets get going
    01<Shi_Sying> 2 thank you so much for doing this, I'm in your debt
    <wangyusuk> no worry, we work something out
    <wangyusuk> how tight security at warehouse? you have key to door? we need
    1<Shi_Sying> 2 I have a card
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 he holds up a thin clear plastic card
    01<Shi_Sying> 2 and there's a code as well
    <wangyusuk> good good
    01<Shi_Sying> 2 its....
    <wangyusuk> what happen last time you try to get in?
    06* wangyusuk blinks
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 he looks a tad ashamed at the code
    <wangyusuk> no account for taste but no forget it
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 last time I went in... it was empty
    <wangyusuk> ok so they take
    <wangyusuk> ok
    <wangyusuk> ok
    <wangyusuk> hmmmmm
    <wangyusuk> where they hang out?
    01<Shi_Sying> 2 I've seen them several blocks north, there's a tavern called "black lotus"
    <wangyusuk> oh, of course...cant name pub black lotus, assholee turn up like fly on shit
    01<Shi_Sying> 2 I never go there personally i'm an upright citizen
    <Harper> Well we aren't so that's probably a place for us.
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    02* @Nicholas ( Quit
    03* Lily is now known as Adina
    01<Shi_Sying> I"m an upright citizen....
    06* Shi_Sying pouts slightly
    <Harper> Shush.
    01<Shi_Sying> shushing
    06* Adina privately thinks this guy has probably been there once or twice at least
    <Harper> WEll, reckon we'd better go find that shipment. Wang, will you do the honors?
    06* QuinnBlackstone slides in 'Upright compared to what?"
    02* wangyusuk ( Quit (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
    03* wang-yu-suk (Marcus_Car@70.28.mps.vh) has joined #Fascination
    01<Shi_Sying> 2 upright citizen, law abiding
    01<Shi_Sying> Quinn! Let me introduce Santos tiberius Clause
    01<Shi_Sying> 2 please, call me San
    06* Adina giggles
    6* QuinnBlackstone arches an eyebrow "Oookay."
    <Adina> Nice to meet you, Mr... San.
    <wang-yu-suk> so we go to black lotus then
    01<Shi_Sying> it seems that way
    01<Shi_Sying> Shall we?
    <Adina> Black Lotus? What fo... oh, never mind.
    <wang-yu-suk> certainly
    <Adina> Let's!
    06* Shi_Sying looks interested in seeing how this goes
    06* wang-yu-suk heads towards the black lotus, a stabby look in his eyes
    <QuinnBlackstone> Here we go. Onward and downword.
    <QuinnBlackstone> *downward dangit!
    06* Shi_Sying follows the crazy little chinese man, hoping they dont end up arrested
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 as you head away from the market area the locations become seedier... by Sihnon standards. Everything is still spotless, the buildings still shining beautifully in the sun, but its lacking that special sparkle that makes the rest of the city shine. There are people bustling about busily, they're not as well dressed as in the markets, but still would look horribly out of place -
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 anywhere other than Sihnon
    <Harper> Do you know where you're going Wang?
    06* Adina whispers: "Seriously? THIS is the bad part of town?"
    01<Shi_Sying> Black Lotus apparantly
    01<Shi_Sying> of course it is Adina
    <Adina> No, of course, it looks... very bad. Baddest!
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 there's a distinct lack of graffitti and drunks sprawled anywhere.
    06* wang-yu-suk points to the sign
    06* QuinnBlackstone folds her arms "It's off.'
    <wang-yu-suk> i can find seedy tavern anywhere anytime
    <wang-yu-suk> special skill
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 there are monitors showing pictures of lovely young geisha girls dancing with fans, drink advertizements and entertainment specials
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 you see a few people walk in, one man staggers out, perhaps a tad overindulged
    <wang-yu-suk> this seem like place
    <wang-yu-suk> now we looking for group of low rent gangster
    01<Shi_Sying> with toys
    <wang-yu-suk> I have plan, follow my lead
    <Harper> Of course Wang, your lead always seems to work wonders.
    01<Shi_Sying> this should be interesting
    06* wang-yu-suk surveys the bar, as a former member of a street gang he is l
    ookng for the deranged hair styles and macho swagger that accompany the profession
    06* Adina frowns at all the well-dressed criminals
    06* QuinnBlackstone keeps her eyes open and her mouth shut.
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 you enter and... yes its a Sihnon bar. Its clean, decent smelling, the drinks are fine. There are many people in here socializing. There's a few that look like they might be gang members.
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 they dont dress badly or have the wild hair, but there's just something about the way they stand that sets off Wangs "gangdar"
    06* wang-yu-suk swings by the bar and grabs a stiff drink, downs it, then grabs another and approaches the gang
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 the gang members look up curiously, thinly veiled hostility shines in their eyes.
    06* Shi_Sying hangs back by the door
    06* wang-yu-suk calmly smiles
    06* QuinnBlackstone seems unruffled.
    <wang-yu-suk> must be laughing tigers
    01<Shi_Sying> 3 Ha ha
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 they continue to stare at Wang in less than friendly ways
    06* Adina is aware that she would frighten no one so hangs back by the bar
    <wang-yu-suk> Laughing tigers, try laughing stock!
    <wang-yu-suk> you rip off big shipment of toys!
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 wow... they have lazer hate beams in their eyes!!
    <wang-yu-suk> big score boys
    <wang-yu-suk> you make out good on that one did you?
    01<Shi_Sying> 3 what did you say you anal pimple?
    <wang-yu-suk> easy move big profit
    <wang-yu-suk> you hear me, you pull job and steal dumbest loot ever.
    <wang-yu-suk> but
    <wang-yu-suk> i have proposition for you
    <wang-yu-suk> real money
    01<Shi_Sying> 3 how bout you get to the point before we shoot you dog eater
    <wang-yu-suk> i have line on serious cargo
    01<Shi_Sying> 3 oh?
    <wang-yu-suk> newtech weapon scopes
    <wang-yu-suk> i know warehouse they in, and we can break in super quiet and take.
    <wang-yu-suk> we switch crates of tech for crates of toys and swap out shipping tags
    01<Shi_Sying> 3 why should we trust a bottom feeder like you?
    <wang-yu-suk> we in and out and theft not noticed for at least a week
    <wang-yu-suk> long enough to move cargo and split profits
    <wang-yu-suk> because i have to come down to this shithole to find you, you have crates that are right size and weight
    <wang-yu-suk> i need them and so i need you
    <wang-yu-suk> offer made take or leave.
    <wang-yu-suk> i can go line up crates elsewhere, maybe you have too much fun with toys
    06* QuinnBlackstone cleans her nails.
    01<Shi_Sying> 3 alright, we're in
    <wang-yu-suk> ok, you have hover mule? load up and meet us at spaceport, warehouse is post clearance customs, shipment ready to go out soon. we switch quiet and shipment of toys leave before anyone the wiser
    01<Shi_Sying> 3 yeah, we got a mule
    <wang-yu-suk> ok, meet you in one hour
    <wang-yu-suk> careful what weapons you bring, many scanners in port
    01<Shi_Sying> 3 yeah we know, we aint amatures
    <wang-yu-suk> one hour, be there
    06* wang-yu-suk heads off
    01<Shi_Sying> 3 wait man, which port?
    <wang-yu-suk> shihon glorious main terminal, gate 39E
    <wang-yu-suk> right by warehouse next to ship they going to load.
    06* wang-yu-suk has just told them the bay that fascination is docked in
    01<Shi_Sying> 3 one hour man, you set us up, theyll never find your remains
    01<Shi_Sying> 2 yeah!
    <wang-yu-suk> one hour, you no there, they find you emains all over. we understand each other
    06* wang-yu-suk smiles at them and finishes his drink before heading off
    06* Shi_Sying follows wang out
    06* QuinnBlackstone smirks, heading out.
    01<Shi_Sying> they're planning to steal your "cargo" from you
    <wang-yu-suk> of course
    06* Adina follows Quinn, trying not to laugh
    <wang-yu-suk> thats why i wait at gate and ttell them cargo has been moved onto ship
    <wang-yu-suk> quin waiting in hold with very biggest gun
    01<Shi_Sying> at least its good to see that they're not criminal masterminds... stealing toys
    <Adina> Are you going to give them 2 tons worth of lumps of coal?
    <wang-yu-suk> no
    <Harper> What then?
    06* Adina cannot help being amused at this particular brand of crime
    <wang-yu-suk> trying to think of way to get them arrested
    <wang-yu-suk> any ideas?
    <wang-yu-suk> maybe we call port authority and say they trying to hijack ship
    <Adina> Have the Alliance waiting there?
    06* QuinnBlackstone coughs, laughing "Oh goody.'
    <Adina> They'll be caught with all the toys...
    <wang-yu-suk> they going to have many illegal weapons on them
    01<Shi_Sying> you know... that's a rather funny plan
    <wang-yu-suk> but they be in our hold
    <Adina> Plus, they WILL be trying to hijack the ship...
    06* Shi_Sying glances at Harper
    <wang-yu-suk> i rathr pleased with plan, no heavy lifting
    01<Shi_Sying> what do you think about this?
    <Harper> I think that Wang is a genius. We'll have to see if I'm right
    01<Shi_Sying> Shall we place a call in to the authorities?
    <wang-yu-suk> maybe we wait until they in the hold and facing superior numbers and firepower
    <wang-yu-suk> then we call and let them get hauled away
    <Adina> Why not have the authorities waiting there? In case we won't be superior in numbers and all that...
    <wang-yu-suk> we have high ground and home advantage, worst case we shoot them all.
    <Harper> I'd rather not have the Alliance running about on my ship.
    <Adina> These guys are funny but they could be dangerous, right?
    <QuinnBlackstone> *quietly* I have to be able to return to this planet.
    01<Shi_Sying> they could be, yes
    <Adina> Right... worst case.
    <wang-yu-suk> we need to get crates into hold and off hovermule before alliance gets there
    <wang-yu-suk> then we say they trying to hijack
    <wang-yu-suk> alliance take them away and not need to look around overmuch
    01<Shi_Sying> hopefully they dont look around
    <wang-yu-suk> harpers call
    <wang-yu-suk> if we have alliance waiting we may lose cargo
    <wang-yu-suk> of toys....
    <wang-yu-suk> if we get them inside....we can keep thier hovermule
    6 Shi_Sying ponders this
    <QuinnBlackstone> I won't risk gettin' in trouble on this planet. Long as we can skip that possibility, I'm game.
    01<Shi_Sying> it would be a nice payment
    <wang-yu-suk> shi, you know more about alliance policy than me, what are our odds?
    06* Shi_Sying ponders
    01<Shi_Sying> put in a distress call while they're loading
    <wang-yu-suk> ok make sure we have netting over the cargo in the hold
    <wang-yu-suk> and if you could put one of my cleavers inbetween the bulkhead and that green crate right by the airlock i might need
    01<Shi_Sying> dont attack the Alliance
    <Harper> No! for goodness sakes don't attack the Alliance. I'm not looking for any kind of trouble.
    01<Shi_Sying> We're on a port legally, the authorities will arrive quickly
    01<Shi_Sying> but I like this plan, since the captain approves, lets do it
    06* Shi_Sying smiles
    <wang-yu-suk> ok i wait at gate, you get ready
    06* wang-yu-suk rubs his hands together with terrible glee
    06* Shi_Sying nods
    06* Harper looks to Quinn for her assent then goes to get ready
    06* Shi_Sying stays near Harper to protect her. Its not long before you hear the sound of a mule approaching. Moments, later, you see the gang and their convenient conveyance. They look around s
    01<Shi_Sying> 3 where's the guns?
    06* QuinnBlackstone gets big berta, and starts waiting.
    <wang-yu-suk> good timing,
    <wang-yu-suk> development
    <wang-yu-suk> they load crates into ship, but i managed to get keycode to cargo hatch
    <wang-yu-suk> follow me, we must be quick
    06* wang-yu-suk capers off towards the fasination and uses the keypad to open the hatch
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 the gang members wait impatiently
    01<Shi_Sying> 3 come on man, move it
    06* wang-yu-suk heads in first signalling the crew to lay low
    <wang-yu-suk> come come, hurry
    <wang-yu-suk> crates are under netting there, get the fakes in here and unload them
    06* Harper follows tthe instructions
    06* Adina stands by a communication device, ready to call for help whenever.
    1<Shi_Sying> 6 the gang moves forward, driving the mule up the ramp and looking around
    06* wang-yu-suk beckons them on
    <wang-yu-suk> come come
    <wang-yu-suk> get these crates down
    03* Harper ( has joined #Fascination
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 they do so, glancing around nervously
    06* wang-yu-suk gives a sharp whistle once the crates are off
    06* wang-yu-suk reaches back and pulls out the cleaver that he hopes is there
    <wang-yu-suk> hey assho's
    01<Shi_Sying> ooc the call was made right?
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 the gang all freeze and look at Wang, several of them reach for hidden weapons
    01<Shi_Sying> 3 what did you call us bottom feeder?
    <wang-yu-suk> assho's
    06* Adina tenses by the communication device, very very eager to make this call
    <wang-yu-suk> make the call
    01<Shi_Sying> 3 call?
    06* wang-yu-suk gets tense
    <wang-yu-suk> MAKE CALL
    06* Adina calls authorities post haste
    <wang-yu-suk> you drop weapon assho's
    <wang-yu-suk> or you get shot to bitty bitty bits by girl up there with very biggest gun
    06* Adina reports a hijack on Fascination and says it's Damn Urgent.
    <wang-yu-suk> she not like men, enjoy shoting them in penis
    06* Harper looks on approvingly, giving adina a warm smile as she asts as back up
    <wang-yu-suk> she good at it too
    06* Shi_Sying fights to keep expression off his face at that
    06* Adina nods to signal call is made and authorities are (hopefully) coming
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 the gang look a little unsure... none of them really want to risk their penises to Quinns wrath
    06* wang-yu-suk edges over to the crates and laens on them to shove them into the pile and drapes the netting over them to make them look like they were there all along
    01<Shi_Sying> 3 You're bluffing! 6 one of them finally says and takes a step forward
    <wang-yu-suk> go ahead, call bluff, it your penis
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 you hear the approach of a troop carrier, the authorities have arrived
    06* wang-yu-suk grins
    <wang-yu-suk> i never happy to see them before
    06* Adina sighs with relief
    06* wang-yu-suk places the cleaver on top of the crate. ready to produce knives from sleevs at a moments notice
    01<Shi_Sying> 5 ALL OF YOU ON YOUR KNEES
    06* wang-yu-suk puts his hands on his head and gets down
    <wang-yu-suk> officer thankyou!
    06* Shi_Sying kneels down, hands in the air
    <wang-yu-suk> we so glad to see you, these men trying to hijack our ship
    06* QuinnBlackstone quickly sticks away her gun moves into sight, hands up and going to her knees.
    <QuinnBlackstone> (THEN moves into sight)
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 the troops move in, purple bellies all nice and shiny
    01<Shi_Sying> 5 Who is the Captain here?
    06* Harper steps forward, her hands held up to the sky
    <Harper> I am.
    01<Shi_Sying> 5 papers
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 the purplebelly holds out his hand
    06* Harper nods and goes to find her papers, making sure to stay in sight. 1Just a sec.
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 one of the troopers goes with her... just to make sure
    01<Shi_Sying> 3 you set us up!!!
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 the gang member yells at Wang
    03* wangyusuk (Marcus_Car@70.28.viy.rr) has joined #Fascination
    02* wang-yu-suk (Marcus_Car@70.28.mps.vh) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
    06* Harper hands over her newly validated papers that show that everything is up to date.
    06* wangyusuk remains silent
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 the trooper nods and checks a datapad
    01<Shi_Sying> 5 and the goods?
    01<Shi_Sying> We are transporting some goods to Wu Chong
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 the trooper checks this on his pad and nods
    01<Shi_Sying> 5 very well then, good travels to you and your crew, we trust that this incident hasn't marred your stay
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 the gang member starts to struggle, screaming about the set up. The trooper swings his stun baton and hits the man soundly. He falls to the ground twitching, but silent
    01<Shi_Sying> 5 take this scum away
    06* wangyusuk slowly gets up ad they are dragged off
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 the trooper takes down some basic information, everything seems rather cut and dry here for him. He gets Harper to
    6sign the datapad then heads off with the rest of the troop and their prisoners
    06* Shi_Sying watches the Alliance head off and breathes a sigh of relief
    01<Shi_Sying> well... that went better than most of our encounters with the Alliance
    06* QuinnBlackstone swings her legs over the railing, jumping down, all the way down.
    <QuinnBlackstone> Tell me about it.
    06* wangyusuk beams
    06* Shi_Sying grins at Wang
    01<Shi_Sying> that was an amazing plan Wang
    01<Shi_Sying> and, we now have a mule
    01<Shi_Sying> Merry Christmas
    01<Shi_Sying> 6 as he says that, the mule makes a coughing sound and belches black smoke
    01<Shi_Sying> .... that's not so good
    <wangyusuk> it still good for parts
    06* Adina laughs merrily
    <wangyusuk> we turn profit, and we get toys
    <Adina> My gift to you will be to make this go-se run!
    <wangyusuk> maybe we make mule run a bit better ans sell next time we out on rim
    <wangyusuk> or we just have two, that make life a bit easier
    <Harper> SUnshine can do it
    01<Shi_Sying> of that I have no doubt
    06* Adina grins, looking at the new project
    01<Shi_Sying> We should return these toys
    <Adina> Might need some miracles from... San, but it can be done.
    <Adina> Who are they going to, anyway?
    01<Shi_Sying> Kids out on the RIm
    <Adina> Awww!
    <wangyusuk> yes we do good deed and such
    01<Shi_Sying> yay us
    01<Shi_Sying> are we going to return them?
    <Harper> The toys? Of course
    <QuinnBlackstone> Fun.
    <wangyusuk> hard to make profit from them
    <Harper> We should find Mr. clause
    <QuinnBlackstone> We should.
    6Shi_Sying nods
    <wangyusuk> i know where to find him
    <Adina> Where? I think the North Pole was destroyed...
    <wangyusuk> better yet, i have keycard and code, we can put toys back in warehouse where they belong
    <wangyusuk> warehouse down in market district
    <Harper> SUre, good idea

    I had to crash at this point. As no one investigated the toys, they didn't learn about the tech being smuggled inside them. While Shi likely would have poked santos' brain at the beginning, I'm figuring he was happily on his meds and his brain was staying in his head for the most part. For an Xmas gift, they now have a Hover mule if that's alright. Its not a good quality one and will break down regularely as well as require constant care, but it is something the whole crew could use. Hope that all is good, sorry it took so long to post the logs, I've been working nonstop on the baby book for my sister. its FINALLY done... and figures, the last day doing it, I catch a friggin cold. now i'm bundled up under blankets chugging back medicine. Blah.

    Happy Holidays!!
    01<Shi_Sying> ...disintegrated actually, vaporizing leads to pollution

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