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    Time Passage leading to 10/24


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    Time Passage leading to 10/24 Empty Time Passage leading to 10/24

    Post  Admin on Sat Oct 22, 2011 6:59 pm

    After a discussion on Friday night, it was decided that a week will pass between last game and the game on the 24th. During this time, the Fascination will have some upgrades performed.

    Once again, if you have not yet taken a look at the ship layout, please do so. If you would like to populate the ship with any objects or tools, please feel free to download the layout image and edit it (specifically in the area you are interested in), and email the image to me, and I will integrate it with the layout currently posted.

    We should get some things ironed out as well:

    Crew payment plans for example. The ship earned a very large sum of money from the job that started this whole mess, some of which will be spent on the ship upgrades.

    Security detail: All the alarm bells in the world aren't going to help if nothing is done about actually investigating the disturbance. Since it isn't fun to leave PCs present and accounted for behind to watch the ship. We should have at least an understanding of what you expect is being done to safeguard the ship while PCs are absent.

    It is up to the group how we handle these things. My opinion might be subtly influenced by the one that is easiest to... abuse and put to use for my twisted schemes. No, no, you can believe me there will be impartial partiality, partially.

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